Workshop “Get ready for Mother’s Day: POD Jewerly 2023”

  • Hanoi
  • 09/03/2023

After the successful webinar, we are excited to announce the upcoming series of events, “Get Ready for Mother’s Day: POD Jewelry 2023,” co-organized by LianLian Global Vietnam and Gearbubble. This event is designed to support merchants on their journey to start selling on the Etsy platform, with a focus on the most potential Mother’s Day category – jewelry.

The workshop covered three main topics, including the benefits of POD and POD jewelry as a safe choice for sellers, an introduction to Etsy and how to start selling on the platform, and a Q&A session with successful sellers sharing their real combat experience.

Guests had the opportunity to hear from Ms. Tina Tien, Marketing & Sales Manager of Gearbubble, who shared her in-depth industry experience and insights on the potential of trading POD products, especially silver jewelry.

Additionally, David Luong, CEO & Founder of Maslow ECOM Academy, shared his knowledge on the opportunities and risks of choosing a cross-border e-commerce business model on the Etsy trading platform, based on his own and his associates’ actual business performance.

Ms. Ruby Pham, Head of Growth of LianLian Global Vietnam, was also present to introduce an overview of LianLian’s main products and reaffirm the message of being a multi-valued companion of LianLian Global.

As a comprehensive payment solution for cross-border merchants, LianLian not only offers superior services in terms of payment receipt, cross-border payment or withdrawal, and foreign currency conversion, but also provides advice and support on a multitude of other areas, including:
– LianLian Pay payment gateway – the perfect solution for DTC merchants
– Mobility capital support program
– Financial anh tax-related issues advice, tax refund on import and export
– Connecting fulfilment platform partners, training on cross-border e-commerce, trademark registration and global shipping service

If you require immediate assistance, please do not hesitate to contact LianLian. Our team is always ready to assist you with any inquiries you may have.
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