Seasonal Series Kick-Off: Mother’s Day 2023

  • 2023/08/15

Amazon Global Selling, LianLian Global Vietnam, and Gearment Fulfillment recently organized an event in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang to help sellers make the most of the upcoming Mother’s Day sale season. The Seasonal Series Kick-off: Mother’s Day 2023 aimed to unlock the potential for cross-border e-commerce and foster sustainable growth and brand development. 

The event was a success, with a lineup of experienced experts who shared invaluable insights with the attendees. 

  • Ms. Giang Tran, Amazon Account Manager, gave a detailed presentation on the top keywords and potential niches during the Mother’s Day season. She also highlighted common mistakes made by sellers of seasonal items, which was an eye-opener for many. 
  • Mr. An Le, CEO of Gearment Inc., shared the standard model for finding potential ASINs this season, how to combine shipping labels and Amazon FBA, and methods for promoting products during the holiday season. 
  • The event’s highlight was Mr. Duy Vo, Founder of Teecom and our special guest who shared his real-life experience in market research methods, product research, and sustainable business forms on Amazon. 
  • Finally, Ms. Ruby Pham, Head of Growth at LianLian Global, introduced an overview of LianLian’s main products and announced LianLian Global’s multi-valued companion with new products, which was a special treat for Amazon sellers or Gearment Fulfillment customers.

We at LianLian Global Vietnam were thrilled to join this event and provide our assistance to merchants seeking a full-scale payment solution for cross-border transactions. Our services go beyond just receiving payments, cross-border payments or withdrawals, and foreign currency conversion. 

We also offer a range of other services, including our LianLian Pay payment gateway, designed specifically for DTC merchants. Additionally, we provide assistance with financial and tax-related issues, tax refunds on import and export, and connecting fulfillment platform partners. We also offer training on cross-border e-commerce, trademark registration, and global shipping services. 

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