Tax Refund in E-commerce Export Activities

  • 2023/02/03

LianLian Global held an intimate gathering for sellers in Hanoi on March 2nd. The session provided a helpful platform for sellers to learn about Accounting & Taxation basics for businesses in order to overcome the challenges that both individuals and businesses face. LianLian Global continues to provide top-notch support for sellers, helping them to navigate the complexities of the e-commerce industry with ease.

Establishing and growing a business can present various obstacles, particularly in Accounting, Finance, and Taxation. This is especially applicable to cross-border e-commerce, a relatively new field with limited guidelines and regulations. Entrepreneurs encounter numerous challenges in understanding the policies and regulations of the host country, as well as managing seemingly simple tax issues in their home country. These hurdles can be daunting and require significant effort to overcome.

During the event, a key topic of discussion was the input tax refund process for exported goods. While traditional exporters are familiar with this process, e-commerce exporters have not received sufficient attention and support. As a result, many Vietnamese export enterprises are grappling with the challenge of navigating this complex process, which is impacting their ability to maximize profits and compete effectively with other production markets. 

The event was graced by the presence of two distinguished speakers who shared their expertise on a range of topics. These speakers made the event an informative and enriching experience for all attendees:

  • Mr. Rocky Pham, the Country Manager of LianLian Global Vietnam, provided an overview of business models and imparted valuable knowledge related to financial leverage. 
  • Mr. Duong Quoc Hung, the Professional Director of TACA Consulting, delved into the intricacies of tax and VAT refunds in the export activities of enterprises. The speakers shared their insights from basic to in-depth.

The event was the ideal platform for sellers to learn how to streamline their business models and create efficient accounting and financial management systems that are tailored to their specific needs.. It is clear that there is a strong demand for this kind of information, therefore, LianLian Global plans to continue providing sellers with the topics related to finance, tax, and accounting for businesses in the future. We would be delighted if you share our passion for these subjects and wish to remain informed about our latest progress. Therefore, we cordially invite you to sign up for our Newsletter for Friends of Sellers. You can easily access valuable program materials by clicking on the link below, and they will be delivered directly to your email inbox:

LianLian Global offers cross-border merchants a comprehensive payment solution that includes payment receipt, cross-border payment and withdrawal, foreign currency conversion, and additional support services such as:

  • LianLian Pay payment gateway – the perfect solution for DTC merchants
  • Working Capital Support Program
  • Financial advice and tax-related issues and import and export tax refund
  • Connecting fulfillment platform partners, training on cross-border e-commerce, trademark registration, and global shipping service

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