Tax Refund in E-commerce Export Activities

  • Hanoi
  • 02/03/2023

LianLian Global recently hosted an intimate sharing session in Hanoi on March 2nd, with the aim of supporting sellers in learning the basic knowledge of Accounting & Taxation for businesses. The event also aimed to help sellers solve the difficulties that individuals and businesses face. The topic of the session was Tax Refund in E-commerce Export Activities.

Building and developing a business can pose different problems for businesses related to Accounting, Finance, and Tax. This is especially true for the field of cross-border e-commerce, which is a new field without many clear guidelines and regulations. Sellers not only face many challenges when learning about these regulations and policies of the host country, but also face many difficulties and barriers in the method of handling seemingly basic tax problems at home.

One of the specific issues discussed during the event was refunding input tax in the export of goods. This is something that traditional exporters often do, but for exporters through e-commerce, it has not been given adequate attention and support. Many Vietnamese export enterprises are still struggling to find ways to do this, leading to failure to optimize profits and reducing the competitiveness of Vietnamese goods compared to other production markets.

During the event, two expert speakers shared their knowledge from basic to in-depth:
– Mr. Rocky Pham, Country Manager of LianLian Global Vietnam, shared overviews of business models and knowledge related to financial leverage.
– Mr. Duong Quoc Hung, Professional Director of TACA Consulting, shared in-depth content on tax and VAT refund in export activities of enterprises.

The content shared during the event aims to help sellers shape their business models and build and assemble accounting and financial management systems combined with tax knowledge for businesses in an effective and methodical way.

The event was a resounding success, with enthusiastic participation and engagement from the sellers. This has further motivated LianLian to delve deeper into topics related to finance, tax, and accounting for businesses.

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