The Journey Junction Ep.1: Meeting experts – Discussing Costs

  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • 15/07/2022

The Journeys Junction – The sequence of events initiated by LianLian Global Vietnam, with the mission of becoming the most reliable information intersection for the journey to reach out to the world of thousands of Vietnamese businesses in the cross-border e-commerce ecosystem. No choice is a mere financial service provider, LianLian is extremely excited to pursue the journey to find all the challenges that sellers are facing to accompany and together find solutions from diverse and rich information resources in the digital transformation period.

The workshop “Meeting experts – Talking about costs” took place with 3 main topics:

  • Global e-commerce market trends
  • Cost optimization when doing business with Amazon
  • Case Study of a successful Amazon seller

Participants had the opportunity to listen to in-depth insights shared by Ms. Mai Quynh Anh – Senior Account Manager at Amazon. The networking session brought practical value to attendees, with most of the information being distilled from direct research into the business efficiency of sellers on the world’s leading e-commerce platform – Amazon.

In addition, speaker Tung Pham, CEO of Anneco Group, also shared effective financial balance solutions to support sellers in planning and optimizing costs when choosing to sell on Amazon. The presentation provided attendees with a more comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and risks when choosing the cross-border e-commerce business model.

Followed by the inspiring story of one of the most successful Vietnamese handicraft sellers on Amazon – Mr. Tony Tran, CEO of ChicnChill. His intimate and practical sharing about the challenging journey to running handicraft business on Amazon is the clearest evidence for the concept that success always comes from creating real products and value.

LianLian Global Vietnam aims to provide customers with in-depth and highly applicable knowledge so that sellers can utilize these resources to optimize the business model they are pursuing.


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LianLian Global Vietnam

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Amazon Global Selling & Anneco Group

Diễn giả

Tony Tran

CEO ChicnChill

Tung Pham

Founder & CEO Anneco Group

Mai Quynh Anh

Senior Account Manager, Amazon Global Selling Vietnam

Rocky Pham

Country Director LianLian Global Vietnam