Vietnamese Enterprises conquer Cross-border E-Commerce with Amazon

  • 2023/06/30

Following the training and consulting series on cross-border e-commerce, organized by Amazon Global Selling and professionally supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the training program themed, “How to conquer the world’s largest consumer markets,cross-border e-commerce with Amazon.” Was successfully conducted in collaboration with service partners, including LianLian Global, AGlobal and over 100 businesses in Da Nang on June 30th, 2023.

The main agenda of this training program was to equip the Vietnamese small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs, and all the attendees with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in global markets.  Emphasis was put on helping traders sell their products in international markets through cross-border e-commerce.

The main topics covered during the event were:

  • Cross-border e-commerce overview
  • The Amazon Sales Journey
  • Building and Protecting Global Brands with Amazon
  • Vietnamese Businesses’ Journey in cross-border e-commerce Participation with Amazon

The program has helped businesses explore international markets through the Amazon platform and has educated Vietnamese traders about actual e-commerce trading concepts in early stage.The lived talkshow especially faciliated entrepreneurs to understand various aspects of cross-border businesses by listening to involved parties like state management agencies, platform partners, and service providers.

With the participation of over 100 esteemed businesses, a multitude of unique and innovative products bearing the distinctive regional characteristics were proudly showcased at the event.

Undoutedly, cross-border e-commerce is experiencing a strong and explosive trend in many countries worldwide. In Vietnam, this field is also regarded as having significant potential and aligning with the government’s policy of promoting digital economic development. With Amazon Global Selling and IDEA’s continued collaboration in organizing training programs, Vietnamese entrepreneurs will be well-equipped with skills and resources to create successful businesses and anticipate supportive government policies like Project “Promoting enterprises to directly participate in foreign distribution networks in the period to 2030” (Decision 1415/QD-TTg) contributing to bringing Vietnamese brands to the world.

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