DebiON Sellerator – A support program for Vietnamese sellers

  • 2023/04/01

In order to support sellers to build a global brand selling Vietnamese goods, debiON Sellerator has established it own unique program:

  • Sustainable development: Directing participating sellers to a long-term and sustainable sales strategy and brand management
  • Sales commitment: We are committed to helping you sell 100 orders within 8 weeks from the start of the event
  • Comprehensive support: Support to manage accounts, resources and finances so that you can achieve up to $50k in sales after 6 months.

Furthermore, when participating in this program, sellers will receive the following benefits:

– Multi-channel sales operation: Self-operate the omni-channel selling process on Amazon, Etsy, Wayfair, etc… supported by Anneco – Amazon Global Selling Vietnam’s Partner of the Year.

– Sourcing & fulfillment: Sourcing and fulfillment services from debiON and more than 300 factories.

– One-on-one consultation by mentors: Weekly 1:1 check-in with experienced sellers with 8-digit sales.

– Free financial services: Free accounting and tax management services from our partner LianLian Global.


DebiON Sellerator, you’ll receive personalized mentoring from leading experts in the field throughout the 2-month course, which is split into three phases: START, BUILD, and SCALE.

Don’t miss this chance to gain the competitive edge you need to succeed in the e-commerce industry. Register here:

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