Multi-Platform Connection – Additional Choices for Superior Vision

  • Hanoi
  • 2022/10/10

The Multi-Platform Connection event held successfully on October 10th was an amazing opportunity for everyone in the Vietnamese cross-border e-commerce ecosystem to commune and share ideas. The event was graced by over 300 guests composed of sellers, manufacturers, transporters, finance professionals, and trainers. It was also the official launch of LianLian Global in the Vietnamese market that showcases its commitment and capability as a quality resource for information for the sellers countrywide.
Mr. Rocky Pham, Country Director of LianLian Global Vietnam discussed the e-commerce market in Vietnam and shared LianLian Global’s vision to support sellers and promote market growth. LianLian Global aims to be a comprehensive partner, providing not only payment solutions but also resources for finance, tax advice, and business operations to help Vietnamese sellers expand globally.
Ms. Ruby Pham, Head of Growth of LianLian Global Vietnam also showcased LianLian’s main products during the event. These include receiving global payments, making payments, withdrawing money to local banks, providing bank statements, and LianLian Global’s payment gateway service for DTC merchants. The support team in Vietnam helps to minimize cash flow risks.
LianLian sees value in its partner network diversity and this has enabled us to offer sellers the most essential services and products that are valuable throughout their business journey. For this reason, we are honored to have over 20 partner units who are part of the e-commerce sector participating in our recent event. These partners set up booths to offer guests valuable advice on products and services.
Our goal as LianLian Global is to create events that offer practical benefits to sellers and promote the sustainable growth of Vietnam’s cross-border e-commerce industry.
The standout figures in the event were:
300+ guests attended
20+ partners from various e-commerce sectors

LianLian Global offers cross-border merchants a comprehensive payment solution that includes payment receipt, cross-border payment and withdrawal, foreign currency conversion, and additional support services such as:

  • LianLian Pay payment gateway – the perfect solution for DTC merchants
  • Working Capital Support Program
  • Financial advice and tax-related issues and import and export tax refund
  • Connecting fulfillment platform partners, training on cross-border e-commerce, trademark registration, and global shipping service

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