Jewelry eCommerce 2022 – The Winning Formula

  • 2023/08/18

Jewelry E-commerce 2022 – The Winning Formula organized by Gearbubble gathered many partners and sellers in the MMO community in Vietnam to attend, where guests could explore the potential of the jewelry industry, business operation strategy, how to create a strong team and the formula to build a million dollar store from domestic and foreign experts.

Jewelry is always ranked in the top of the billion-dollar industry with a global valuation of up to 228 billion in 2020 (according to and is predicted to have a lot of potential for growth in the future. Especially at the end of the year, when the purchasing power and the demand for gift giving increase sharply, it is also the golden time for the jewelry industry to take the throne.

The Jewelry E-commerce 2022 – The Winning Formula event on September 15 has captured this trend and opened up a lot of topics for sellers who have been and are interested in the POD jewelry industry. , to boost year-end revenue thanks to well-rounded operational strategies and effective team building.

With the presence of speakers who are seasoned experts, sellers will listen to a variety of interesting topics:
– Learn about the world jewelry industry and how to choose brand products from Mr. Berge Abajian – founder of Bergio International, Inc.
– The secret to building a brand on Amazon from Ms. Mai Quynh Anh – Senior account manager Amazon Global Selling
– Case study on building an omnichannel sales network from Aphrodite’s brand development director – Mr. Hassan Chattha
– How to build a sustainable MMO team from Obox Group co-founder – Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung
– Gearbubble – future innovations from CEO Brandon Shelton

LianLian Global Vietnam is pleased to be present at the event with the goal of accompanying and supporting a comprehensive payment solution for cross-border merchants. Not only outstanding services in receiving payments, cross-border payments or withdrawals, foreign currency conversion, but LianLian also advises customers with a multitude of other supports such as:
– LianLian Pay payment gateway – the perfect solution for DTC merchants
– Mobility capital support program
– Financial anh tax-related issues advice, tax refund on import and export
– Connecting fulfilment platform partners, training on cross-border e-commerce, trademark registration and global shipping service

If you require immediate assistance, please do not hesitate to contact LianLian. Our team is always ready to assist you with any inquiries you may have.
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