Made-In-Vietnam Connect: Manufacturers x Sellers

  • 2023/08/18

LianLian proudly participated in the “Made-in Vietnam Connect” event, an expo and trading kick-off launched by Amazon Global Selling Vietnam. The event’s goal was to connect the supply chain and promote Made-in-Vietnam items for online export via worldwide e-commerce.

Earlier, merchants chosen to carry overseas suppliers for their diversity of patterns and low rates. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 outbreak has demonstrated the limitations of this trend, and vendors are already having difficulty locating qualified sources.

In contrast, Made-in-Vietnam items have steadily risen to prominence in the global e-commerce sector. Sellers may now reach out to the globe with Made-in-Vietnam items instead of seeking for unsafe suppliers. “Sometimes we need to trade off the tiny price difference, supporting Vietnamese goods to minimize the significant risks in the future,” said Mr. Ha Nguyen Son, COO of debiON – Solution to discover Vietnamese commodity.

Made-in-Vietnam Connect: Manufacturers x Sellers is a networking opportunity for members of Vietnam’s e-commerce community, including sellers and manufacturers. Vendors and suppliers may connect, share ideas, and work together to advance the process of introducing Vietnamese goods to the world at large through cross-border e-commerce.

Numerous local firms displayed their primary goods, including bamboo and rattan, functional foods, cosmetics, and fashion. At the event, domestic companies such as Khang Home, Zon Beyond, LIS Global, Khac Viet, Seagrapes Vietnam, and Kami Lashy were present.

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In order to encourage Vietnamese products, LianLian hopes to collaborate with Vietnamese vendors to establish a presence on the international e-commerce marketplace.

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