“VCC Cashback Super Party” – Unlimited Cashback

Enjoy exclusive benefits up to 0.7% cashback for VCC customers. With LianLian Global virtual card, you can use it to pay for advertising, platform fees, shopping, travel and more. Details:
  1. Program: When customers make expenditures using LianLian Global’s virtual credit card (VCC) for legitimate online transactions for the purpose of goods and services payment at card-accepting entities during the promotional period and the transaction is accepted on LianLian Global’s system, the customers will receive corresponding CASHBACK rewards based on their spending levels, which are recognized as valid transactions in LianLian Global’s system
  2. Event time: From 00:00 01/11/2023 to 23:59 29/2/2024.
  3. Eligible customer: Customers are holders of VISA Payment Cards, Mastercard issued by LianLian Global system (1) and have generated successful Card transactions (2) during the program period
(1) Applicable to all valid Visa, Mastercard cards issued by LianLian Global, including new cardholders during the program period. Not applicable to cardholders who have cancelled, closed their cards or have suspended their use at the time of the program.
(2) Valid transactions included in “Refund Review Expenses” are successful transactions, excluding reverse / refund / charge back transactions. At the same time, the VCC Card Payment Success Rate in the Statement Period (calculated from the first day of the month to the end of the last day of the month) is over 90%.
  1. Detailed rate offers:


  1. Applicable conditions and program terms: see details HERE
For inquiries about the program, please contact:
  • LianLian Global Call Center: + 84 329 331 888 (charges stipulated by carrier policy)
  • Email: support-vn@lianlianglobal.com

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